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3 Sisters

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WSVN -- You'll never see sisters Brandee and Sandra without a monogrammed necklace around their necks.

Whether it's the name "Katherine" or the simple letter "K," the charms are a reminder of their little sister.

Sandra Cosicher: "I always have to have a part of her on me at all times. It makes me feel good."

Katherine was everything to them. Two years ago, she was giving a funny and sentimental toast at oldest sister Brandee's wedding.

Brandee Goldstein: "She was brilliant. She was so smart."

A few months later, she was dead at the age of 16.

Brandee Goldstein: "I lost my little sister."

And it was a common illness that killed her.

Brandee Goldstein: "Katherine suffered from severe episodic asthma, meaning she had attacks more than twice a week, especially if the weather was bad or if she had a cold."

Like most teenagers suffering from asthma, Katherine wasn't good about taking her medicine.

Brandee Goldstein: "Katherine was from a broken home. You had her going back and forth between two parents. In this situation, she needed someone to stay on top of her, but there wasn't that person."

The week Katherine died, her sisters say, she had a cold and allergies and started overusing her inhalers.

Brandee Goldstein: "I think she had gone through two inhalers in less than a week. That was a lot."

So when she had a major attack, the inhalers wouldn't work.

Brandee Goldstein: "At that point, her tolerance for it was so high that it didn't work. Ultimately, what could have saved her life failed her."

To help cope with the loss, Sandra started making jewelry, something her little sister loved.

Sandra Cosicher: "She is very much in me every day. Everything I do every day is in honor or memory of her."

Sandra and Brandee decided the best way to honor Katherine was to start a jewelry company. They named it "Jewelry By 3 Sisters."

Sandra Cosicher: "To me, it's all her. It's her company. We just do the work."

Most of the jewelry they create is personalized.

Brandee Goldstein: "These are things that make people feel special, so it honors her every time we give a gift."

The sisters give a portion of their sales to Asthma Awareness, but the biggest gift they want to give families is knowledge.

Brandee Goldstein: "Asthma is a deadly disease. Death can be prevented. If your child suffers from asthma, please be vigilant. Make sure they're taking their medicines. Make sure they're not around triggers."

And they hope these little trinkets will help make sure another family doesn't suffer from losing someone much too soon.

Brandee Goldstein: "We'll always be three sisters. Always."


Jewelry By 3 Sisterswww.jewelryby3sisters.com

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