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Healing Hips

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WSVN -- Whether it's helping with homework or exercising, Peggy Agner's son Eric keeps her busy, but just three years ago she could barely keep up with him.

Peggy Agner: "Very severe hip pain, where I couldn't sit. I couldn't lay on my left side."

She tried everything to get relief.

Peggy Agner: "You know from chiropractors to acupuncture to epidurals and I thought what else is left."

Doctors say hip pain can strike at almost any age and is a very common problem.

Dr. Daniel Sheldon: "It can be bursitis. There's tendentious that can occur around the hip there's sometimes referred pain from elsewhere like in the back."

Dr. Daniel Sheldon says as the pain gets worse, it affects almost every aspect of your daily life.

Dr. Daniel Sheldon: "It could ultimately affect even simple daily activities like walking, getting in and out of the car, sometimes sleeping at night."

But at Memorial Hospital West they're performing a new procedure that is helping relieve the pain in many patients: It's called hip arthroscopy.

Dr. Daniel Sheldon: "It involves several small incisions around the hip joint and sticking a camera inside the hip, and instruments inside the hip to take care of the problems."

Dr. Sheldon uses special equipment to clean around the hip socket removing bone spurs, which often is causing the pain.

Dr. Daniel Sheldon: "We think that if we get rid of the spurs early that we may be able to prevent arthritis in some, if not all of these patients."

In Peggy's case, a tear of the hip joint was causing the pain.

Dr Sheldon repaired it and after two months of intense physical therapy, Peggy started to notice a big difference.

Peggy Agner: "By the third month I was feeling, I would say 90 percent better."

Five months out of surgery Peggy is back to working out at the gym. Her hip pain is a thing of the past.

Peggy Agner: "There's no doubt in my mind that I would recommend this procedure for anyone that's suffering from hip pain."

Richard Lemus: "Dr. Sheldon says if you already have arthritis of the hip this procedure is not for you."


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