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Preventing Pain

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WSVN -- Even though she's in her 50s Cindy Cash is still afraid of sitting in the dentist's chair.

Cindy Cash: "I've had a fear of the dentist since I was 12-years-old. I had a horrible experience."

That horrible experience came when it was time for the dentist to use a needle like this to numb her mouth.

Cindy Cash: "The needle, was very, very painful."

Cindy now needs a root canal and she's dreading the needle all over again.

Cindy Cash: "Anxiety, because I know that needle is coming."

Believe it or not dentists hate giving the injections.

Jordan Schapiro: "We're not the most popular guys around. Even the most delicate injections can be painful."

Dr. Jordan Schapiro does about 15 to 20 injections a day. He's now using a new device to help ease the pain. It was created by another Boca Raton dentis who knew there had to be a better way.

Dr. Steven Goldberg: "It's the act of getting you numb is where the pain comes in."

Dr. Steven Goldberg: "One of the methods we used for years and years is shaking the lip while you're getting the injection. I thought let me take that one step forward and look into science."

So Dr. Goldberg came up with this device called the Dentalvibe

Dr. Steven Goldberg: "It's actually a pulsed vibration."

The device actually vibrates the area where the injection is given.

Dr. Steven Goldberg: "If you vibrate the area at the injection sight, vibration travels much, much faster to the brain than the sensation of pain. So it gets there first, and that's all the patient feels is the vibration and they no longer feel the pain."

And that pulsating sound is also important.

Dr. Steven Goldberg: "That also distracts the patients because it gives them something to listen to and focus on."

Sounds so simple, but dentists say it really works.

Dr. Schapiro: "It lessons the anxiety for the patient and lessons the anxiety for me. They completely lose the fear of coming here."

Dr. Schapiro used the dentalvibe on Cindy and she didn't even realize she'd been stuck with the needle.

Cindy Cash: "Not the needle at all. After he took it out, I asked if he had already done it."

And even more important she doesn't have that child-like fear of the dentist anymore.

Cindy Cash: "It just so happens that I have to come back in a few weeks and I'm not scared at all."

Diana Diaz: "Dr. Goldberg hopes to have the Dentalvibe into more dentist's office soon."


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