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WSVN -- The weather can get wild in South Florida, going from one extreme to another.

Jose Ciceraro: "Florida's weather is very unpredictable. You can have a beautiful day like today or all of a sudden you can have a thunderstorm."

Jose Ciceraro has recently taken a huge interest in the weather. Not just because he spends a lot of time outdoors, but surprisingly it's because of his health problems.

Jose Ciceraro: "I suffer from diabetes. I suffer from high blood pressure and second to that I suffer from migraines."

The 54-year-old believes the weather plays a big role in how he feels.

Jose Ciceraro: "Weather definitely has an impact."

Jose is now getting a unique type of weather alert from a website called Mediclim. tracks various weather patterns and trys to pinpoint when weather conditions are more likely to aggravate health problems. Anything from asthma, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, even heart disease.

Jose: "I look at it as pre-warning."

It then sends alerts to subscribers 24 hours before that weather condition could trigger their particular health problem.

Dr. Lance Cohen, Pulmonologist: "For a long time we've known there is a strong association between weather and various types of health conditions."

Doctors we talked to say the alerts can be useful and by getting an early warning patients can be proactive.

Dr. Lance Cohen: "The precautions you could take is, number one stay indoors. If you do need to go outside, try and make it as short as possible and try to get yourself in an air conditioned environment as much as possible."

Jose now gets alerts for migraines and diabetes.

Jose Ciceraro: "For the couple of months that I've used them, they have been very accurate."

Getting this health forecast has made it easier to prepare for the worst.

Jose: "You're checking the weather and you're making sure you're taking your medications. I think it's a win-win scenario."

The weather alerts are free and don't require a lot of personal information.


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