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Veins Vanish

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WSVN -- All sorts of things are passed down through families, and Sonia Abourisk inherited something she hates, spider veins.

Sonia Abourisk: "It runs in my family. I've probably had them for 25 years."

The small veins ran up and down her legs and the 42-year-old was always trying to hide them.

Sonia Abourisk: "I wore pants a lot of the time. Long skirts. I'd camouflage with a lot of the bronzers."

Spider vein treatments usually involve injections or lasers and wearing support hose for days, Sonia has tried them.

Sonia Abourisk: "It got rid of a few of them, but a lot of them were still there."

Now there's a new, breakthrough device called the VeinWave that's getting rid of those pesky, little veins.

Dr. Mark Altschuler, Vascular Surgeon: "It treats veins that couldn't be treated before. Things that are too small for injections or scleltherapy can be treated successfully with VeinWave."

The VeinWave uses a tiny needle and works by sending ultrasonic pulses to the vein causing it to disappear almost immediately.

Dr. Mark Altschuler: "The needle is insulated, so it doesn't spread to any of the other tissues, and it just gets that one little vein and causes the walls to collapse and stick together."

The device can treat veins on the face and legs usually in one treatment.

Sonia Abourisk: "It felt a lot like little pin pricks."

Here's the best part, unlike injections or lasers, once the treatment is done there are no restrictions.

Dr. Mark Altschuler: "After treatment you don't have to wear any support stockings. You can go back to absolute normal activities. You can go to your aerobics class, you can go to work, you can go to the beach."

Sonia got the treatment done on her legs a few months ago and her veins have vanished.

Sonia Abourisk: "I'm very very happy with the results I received, 99 percent of the spider veins are gone. I love the fact that I can wear short skirts again."

Doctors say the VeinWave can also be used to treat rosacea. The cost is about $350 to $500.


Dr. Altschuler 21110 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 301Miami, Florida (305) 931-7650

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