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Botox for Parkinson's

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WSVN -- Botox claims it can boost your looks, but now it's being used to help people battling disease!

Doug Eshelman: "You know while we're in here for Parkinson's, let's get our faces done, you know, we had no idea."

Doug Eshelman makes jokes about how Botox is helping someone like him. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's about four and a half years ago.

Doug Eshelman: "He said he wanted to try Botox. It was like, 'Are you kidding?'"

Neurologist doctor, Guillermo Moguel says most of his patients have that same reaction.

Dr. Guillermo Moguel, Neurologist, Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center: "They say, 'Botox? Is it the same one that they use for cosmetic purposes?'"

Dr. Moguel says, Botox is injected into the patient's muscles and helps lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's, like tremors and muscle stiffness.

Dr. Guillermo Moguel, Neurologist, Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center: "They're not going to get prettier. They're just going to feel more comfortable."

Doug says all he knows is that it works and is smoothing out his pain one shot at a time.

Doug Eshelman: "You wouldn't know how hard it is to walk. Walking on the side of your foot, and that foot went back into place from the Botox was like a miracle."

Doctors say the Botox treatment is most effective when combined with physical therapy. The effects normally last about three months.

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