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First Aid at Home

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WSVN -- Tamara Kuittinen is a mom of 3-year-old twin girls and a 2-year-old boy. She's also a doctor, which makes her a bit of an expert when it comes to first aid at home.

Dr. Tamara Kuittinen, Emergency Room Doctor: "Having basic first aid things at home is important. It is really key. The band-aids, the thermometer, alcohol, witch hazel and all in a centralized place."

Dr. Kwetanin makes sure she has a well-stocked first aid kit, from gauze pads to allergy medication and pedialyte strips, and she keeps another key item on hand just in case the kids eat something they shouldn't, it's called activated charcoal.

Dr. Tamara Kuittinen: "You drink it and it absorbs the medication that you've taken in your gut, so it doesn't get released in the blood stream minimizing the impact of the indigestion."

She also says it's a good idea to make sure your house is safe.

Dr. Tamara Kuittinen: "A couple of tips to parents; you've safe-proofed your house, you did what the experts say, crawling around your house on your hands and looking to see what they see, so they can't get into things and the fact is, they can get into anything."

Choking is a real concern for young kids, so it's a good idea to take classes to learn the heimlich maneuver and CPR, and when in doubt about any medical issue call your doctor.

Dr. Tamara Kuittinen: "In general, I say partner with your physician and I think parents are really their children's best advocate. If you're concerned always seek medical care."

The experts also suggest keeping the National Poison Center's phone number posted on your fridge, it's 1-800-poisons.

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