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Tummy Tubs

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WSVN --Putting baby to sleep is a process for many parents, one that begins long before they even make it to the nursery.

Bath time for the Massey's six month old has always been an important part of their day.

Lauren Massey: "In the beginning we did have some colic, so the nighttime procedure was really based around the bath."

But, the makers of this womb-shaped bath tube say it can help to calm colic and ease baby's transition into the real world. The Massey's decided to give it a try.

Lauren Massey: "I thought, I have no idea how you're actually going to put this child in it."

Mom quickly figured it out and Will's very first bath was in the tummy tub.

Lauren Massey: "He loved it, as far as being able to splash around. No crying."

Because a baby can drown in as little as a teaspoon of water, doctors say with any tub it's very important to follow the directions.

Lauren Massey: "I was concerned about the water level and how to make sure that they don't inhale water if their head gets to low."

Pediatricians say it's not about which tub you choose, but what you do during bath time.

Dr. John McCormick, Pediatrician: "No matter what, if you're going to bathe your baby, you have to attend your baby. Attention is important. You can not stop to go answer the phone. You can not stop to go answer the door. You have to pay attention."

Mom gives this cute little guy all the attention he needs.

Lauren Massey: "I've been really surprised at how well he likes it."

And she has a baby that's calm and cooing instead of crying.

The tummy tub costs around $40.

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