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Silent Symptoms

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WSVN -- Think that pain in your neck is just the result of a vigorous workout or that your recent blurred vision is just a sign that you need new glasses? Well think again!

Health expert Margit Ragland says there are many symptoms related to heart disease and stroke that the average person might just ignore or think it's something else.

Feeling queasy can be one of those silent symptoms.

Margit Ragland, Family Circle Magazine Health Director: "It's surprising to many people that nausea or stomach ache or vomiting or maybe just feeling a little bit nauseous could be a sign of a heart attack or stroke."

Stumbling on your words or slurred speech can often be another sign.

Margit Ragland: "Some people when they are having a stroke, might suddenly notice that it might be difficult to speak or they don't seem to have control over their facial muscles and not able to get out certain words."

Also trouble with your vision.

Margit Ragland: "Another sign of stroke is blurred vision. Again, someone you know might think that one of your pupils looks smaller than the other or perhaps an eye lid could look a little bit droopy."

And don't ignore it if you're feeling dizzy or uncoordinated.

Margit Ragland: "Dizziness are something that we feel from time to time, but if paired with other symptoms, or if it just feels a little out of the ordinary, if you feel dizzy but then your tripping, maybe you stumble or you actually fall down, that could be a sign of a heart attack or a stroke."

Many people believe a heart attack is a clutching pain in the chest, but Ragland says that often when neck or shoulder pain occurs it could be a sign on a heart attack.

Margit Ragland: "Actually more often it is a mild ache radiating down your left side. Especially with women, they might experience a pain that comes and goes or think gosh I feel like my bra is just a little tight."

Keep in mind, if at anytime something doesn't seem right or if you are feeling one of these symptoms go see your doctor.

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