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Help For Heartburn

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WSVN -- For almost two years, Madelin Dominguez didn't know what was wrong with her.

Madelin Dominguez: "I started to feel a pain right here in my stomach that would literally wake me up in the middle of the night."

The burning sensation would keep her up for hours and she nearly had to sleep sitting up.

Madelin Dominguez: "I had to prop up myself with the pillows and it was very uncomfortable for me to sleep that way."

Madelin was suffering from severe heartburn or acid reflux.

Dr. Eddie Gomez, Jackson South Community Hospital: "The symptoms include burning sensation in your chest, food coming up into your mouth through your esophagus after a heavy meal."

Dr. Eddie Gomez says occasional heartburn is normal and can be treated with over the counter medication, but if the pain happens every day or affects sleep or how you eat it could be more serious.

Dr. Eddie Gomez: "Once it becomes three or four times a week or on a daily basis, or the patient is chronically taking medications to take care of this problem, we should look further into it."

Often patients are suffering from acid reflux, which is when acid from your stomach goes up into your esophagus. Most people treat it with medication, but doctors at Jackson South Community Hospital are using a new procedure that fixes the problem permanently.

Dr. Eddie Gomez: "We're recreating the valve of the lower esophagus that prevents the acids from the stomach into the esophagus."

It's called Esophyx: Doctors use a special instrument with a camera on the end, guiding it down the throat into the esophagus. They re-create the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus to block the acid from going up into the chest.

Dr. Eddie Gomez: "With no scars, no incisions, and patients go home after the procedure, a couple hours."

A month after the procedure Madelin was able to go back to eating the foods she loves and she stopped having to take prescription acid-blockers. Plus, she's also finally getting her sleep.

Madelin Dominguez: "I sleep like a baby now. So definitely, I feel great. I think it was the best decision I made."

Dr. Gomez says the procedure has an 85 percent success rate.

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