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Sleep Soundly

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WSVN -- For years, Fernando Burgueno would snore all night. Something that almost broke up his marriage.

Fernando Burgueno: "It got so bad that my wife started sleeping on the couch and my sleeping problems began to disturb my marriage."

Fernando never felt rested even after getting a full eight hours of sleep.

Fernando Burgueno: "It was very difficult to wake up in the morning and stay alert the whole day. I was sleepy the whole day."

Loud snoring isn't just annoying, it's often a sign of Sleep Apnea. A disorder where you actually stop breathing during the night and sleep is disrupted.

Dr. Vijay Zaveri: "Sleep Apnea is a very dangerous disease. What happens is they do not get enough oxygen and because of that they have a lack of concentration."

Patients usually have to spend several nights in a sleep lab hooked up to machines to find out if they have a sleep disorder.

Dr. Vijay Zaveri: "Up to 50 percent of the people don't even show up for this test."

Now there's a new sleep test that can easily be done in the comfort of your own bed.

Charlie Alvarez: "The Watermark Ares Home Sleep Test device is the first of it's kind. FDA cleared device, for diagnosing a potential life threatening sleep disorder."

Patients get the device from their doctor and take it home. They simply strap this headband over their forehead, press a button and go to sleep.

Charlie Alvarez: "They can move around and it doesn't really fall off."

While they snooze, the machine goes to work tracking different physiological conditions like their heart rate and breathing patterns.

Charlie Alvarez: "The Watermark Ares picks up how many times a patient stops breathing each night, and in some patients that could be as high as 40 or 50 or 60 times a night."

All that information is stored in this little box for a doctor to review.

Dr. Vijay Zaveri: "They sleep with it overnight and they bring the machine back to us in the morning, and it gives us a very accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea."

Fernando used the machine for one night. Turns out, he does have Sleep Apnea and needed treatment. Now he's able to sleep soundly and his wife is back to being his bed partner.

Fernando Burgueno: "Now we are sleeping in the same bed and we save our marriage."

Richard Lemus: "Many insurance companies will pay for this home sleep test."

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