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Microwaving Tumors

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WSVN -- He's a man of the movies.

Louis Bershad: "I love the movies. The old one's even more than the new ones today because I'm a film collector and a film buff."

Even though Louis Bershad owns more than 1,500 films. This Hollywood talent manager was not ready for the plot change in his own story.

Louis Bershad: "He just picked up the MRI and looked at it and said it's definitely cancer, and when he said that, the meeting became a silent movie. I could see his lips moving, but I heard nothing. It was absolute silence."

Louis had kidney cancer. Surgery scared him so Doctor Peter Julien gave him the option of microwaving the tumor.

Dr. Peter Julien "It basically cooks the tumor to death."

Microwaving tumors or radio frequency ablation uses a needle that's inserted into the middle of the tumor. Guided by CT Scans, doctors use electrical currents to heat the tumor.

Dr. Peter Julien: "The energy that's delivered to the tumor is right at the needle tip. It's very intense energy that can heat up the tumor over 150 degrees. It can heat up the tumor basically to boiling."

Doctors say there's no incision, minimal to no damage to surrounding organs and patients can go home the same day.

Louis Bershad: "The best ending is you could have. Ending is a bad word. Let's just say the film is over, but the life goes on."

Louis is back to job in Hollywood only now, he has a new favorite film.

Louis Bershad: "The best film of all is when you get your MRI from your doctor and he says there's no cancer. That's the best film I've ever seen."

Luanne Sorrell: "The procedure is also being used for cancers of the liver and lungs. This is a good option for patients who are not healthy enough for surgery."


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