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Freeze the Fat

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WSVN -- Miles Rosenthal works hard to stay in shape hitting the gym six to seven times a week. He's got one goal in mind.

Miles Rosenthal: "This is what I'd like to get back to, this is what I was 7 or 8 years ago."

The problem no matter what he does he can't seem to get rid of the trouble spots on his abs and sides.

Miles Rosenthal: "When you get older, you can't get the same results as you did in your 20's and 30's. Your body just doesn't respond the same way."

Miles didn't want to undergo a surgery like liposuction, so he decided to try a new machine called Zeltiq that works by freezing flab away.

Dr. Jason Pozner, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: "In sunny South Florida, cold is the way to go."

A group of doctors came up with Zeltiq based on a discovery that fat cells are vulnerable to cold.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "They came across some very interesting research from the past. Some children that were sucking popsicles, lost facial fat from the extreme exposure to cold. Also, they found that some frost bite patients had instances where their skin was intact, but they lost fat in their face from the frostbite."

The procedure is quick and simple, like a vacuum the device sucks fatty tissue between these two cooling plates.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "It sucks the fat between the plates, so the metal plates don't chill it but draws heat out of the fat, and it drops the temperature of the fat to just above freezing."

The device stays on each fatty area, like your sides or stomach, for about an hour while you just sit back and relax.

Miles Rosenthal: "You feel like a little bit of pressure, no pain at all."

During that time the machine cools the fat changing it from a liquid to a solid.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "The fat forms these crystals, and the fat dies over a 90 day period."

Over that 90 days the fat breaks down and the body slowly absorbs it.

Dr. Jason Pozner: "There have been no adverse effects with this."

Patients can go right back to normal activities and should see a difference in about two months. Miles was skeptical at first.

Miles Rosenthal: "I really just wanted to see the results this machine would give me without trying to add more to it by working out harder or I didn't try to eat any different."

But, after just one treatment he was blown away by the results.

Miles Rosenthal: "I just can't believe that for something. Non-invasive that gave me the results that I saw, extremely happy."

Doctors say the best candidates for Zeltiq are those who don't have a lot of fat to lose.

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