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A lot of things were big in Miami in the 90's because it was:Shireen: "HOT."Anthony: "Intoxicating." Shireen: "Sticky." Anythony: "Indulgent."Shireen: "Naked."Exactly! In Michael Bay's new dark comedy "Pain and Gain based on a true story that happened in the Magic City it's not just about murder and kidnapping: By a couple of meat head  muscle guys it's also about major crimes of fashion in the 90' multiple crimes. Shireen: "Have you worn a fanny pack?"Tony: "I have to admit maybe once or twice."Shireen: "I knew you a fanny pack man."Tony: "I think I was traveling in Europe or something, I don't know . I don't think I still have it, is that a good thing."I like fannies and packs - just not in the same sentence.Rob: "I wish fanny packs weren't so dorky." Anthony: "I still own a fanny pack." Shireen: "You do?"Anthony: "And I wear it all the time."Shireen: "You're saying that on tv right now."Anthony: "Once you reach a certain age, a fanny pack is essential dude.."Muscle shirts, cut-off jeans, tube socks...the crimes were continuous and shocking.Shireen: Stri-pad unitards."Rob: "Talk to the expert over here." Anthony: "You can't beat it. Nothing makes you look better than a striped onesieShireen: "You worked it though, that's a hard outfit. You had you know, some kind of  lil shorts, going on.. they looked good.Tony: "They weren't really mine. I have some similar ones, but they weren't MINE."And being really, really tan was in, in the 90's now, it's total skin homicide.Ttony: "They had to spray tan me for the movie."Shireen: "Do you like spray tan or regular tanning?"Tony: "I love the sun and spray tanning is unpleasant."Rob: "I had to have two people come to the hotel room and spray me in my underwear on the balcony." Shireen: "Who wore the shower cap?"Anthony: "I wore the shower cap in the cut up scene"Shireen: "Now you know how i feel .. it's not all real."Anthony: "That's cool clip it in."Shireen: "Clip it in sew it in."Anthony: "In Miami if you're 75 percent real that's like 100 percent everywhere else For art -- I realize sacrifices have to be made -- but I thank the fashion gods we're living in 2013. At least until 2023.Rob: "I have great calves."Rob: "I have beautiful calves." Shireen: "I heard that about u, I read it on the bathroom." 

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