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Once upon a time: In a place called the Magic City three body builders: Kidnapped, tortured and tried to kill a local business man, played by award winning actor Tony ShalLoub that parts brutal but...Shireen: "The city looks so great in the movie: What can people expect when they see it, it's all about Miami."TONY SHALOUB: "MIA is a character in the movie. No doubt about it. the true story took place right here in Miami. On one hand it's a love letter to the city, on the other hand it's an indictment." Dwayne, the rock hometown hottie, Johnson & Mark Wahlberg star as two muscle meatheads, in Michael Bay's dark comedy "Pain & Gain." Shireen: "What do you guys define as physical perfection on yourself?"MARKY MARK: "God, if I wake up in the morning and I don't have to start limping around, I'm happy." How about waking up for the interview: Just saying take 2. Shireen: "What do you guys define as physical perfection on yourself?"DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Between my pecs, my abs and my quads,  my traps."Shireen: "Yeah, i was thinking the same thing about myself."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Yes."Shireen: "I did one armed push-up's before I came in."Instead of a movie made in Miami celebration, which the Rock and I tried to have. DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Content aside, it's a love letter to miami..cuz you got a director, michael bay that loves Miami."Markie Mark wasn't feeling "The Good Vibrations." Come on - bring forth the the rhythm & the rhyme..Shireen: "You've never seen deco drive have you?"DWAYNE JOHNSON: "I love it."Dwayne was trying his best Michael Bay -- also a 305 resident filmed all over the city. Shireen: "You have the design district.."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "The skyline, there's just so many beautiful parts, the causeway."Despite Mark's nap. I liked the movie. It's a departure for Bay, the cast is uber funny, The Rock can do know wrong: And Tony gets a meaty role he deserves. Shireen: "I know it was about something serious, but at the same time it's about making fun of the people that did it because they were so idiotic."TONY SHALOUB: "It's twisted and it's dark. It's unpredictable. I think that's it's strongest suit. You just can't imagine what's coming around the NEXT corner."

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