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GI Joe Retaliation

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I did indeed pack my glow stick. Big explosions, big muscles and big action. No, I'm not talking about my love life. I'm talking about "GI Joe Retaliation" starring hometown hottie The Rock.Shireen: "OMG reunited."  The Rock: "Again."Shireen: "And it feels so good."The Rock: "Doesn't it?"The non-stop, action adventure is the follow-up to "GI Joe Rise of the Cobra" that earned $300 million worldwide. Jon Chu directs part 2. Shireen: "Any trepidation? What's going thru your head?"JON M. CHU: "Yes at first, but once we got on set it was balls to the wall and we literally just went for it. GI Joe is about big, it's about adventure. You have the Rock, you have Bruce Willis, you have Ninja's you can't go small on this."Shireen: "Go big or go home."This time things will bulge and stick out at you. DWAYNE JOHNSON: "They are going to get me in 3D."Shireen: "It doesn't get any better than that, for me at least."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "For me too."Shireen: "It's a lot of you."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "It's a lot of 3D coming at you. i've got a big head in 2DThe plot the GI Joe team is busy fighting it's mortal enemy -- cobra.In the middle of all that, the U.S. government turns on them, too...say what?Boy do I understand you should see my paycheck after taxes. Then there's the whole ninja factor. Shireen: "How can we tell a good ninja from a bad ninja? You can't go by color scheme in this movie."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "You can't go by color schemes in this movie, you have to look from within. It comes from within." Shireen: "It's superficial on Deco Drive, nothing comes from with in."DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Let me finish."Gesh a girl only has so much time. Is that a ninja sword in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?Shireen: "I'm confused about the ninjas?"ADRIANNE PALICKI: "Some of the ninja's are Joe's as well, like snake eyes."Shireen: "But who is good and who is bad, how am I supposed to know?"DJ COTRONA: "You'll figure it out, the great thing about GI Joe is there are ninjas everywhere."Before you go on this wild ride, check list date, popcorn, beverage 3D glasses, ninja handbook 101.If you got all that...gee, I think you'll be good to "Joe"

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