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Jack the Giant Slayer

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"Jack and the Giant Slayer" is just another take on the fairytale "Jack and the Beanstalk."Jack swaps a cow for beans and a beanstalk grows when one of the beans gets wet -- thanks to Jack played by hottie Nicholas Hoult. NICHOLAS HOULT: "It was a real misjudgment at the time, I was sitting there and I was confused."Well that confusion leads to a gateway being open between earth and the world of giants. And to make matters worst, Eleanor Tomlinson's character princess Isabelle gets caught up in the mix and ends up in giant land. ELEANOR TOMLINSON: "She's just looking for adventure, she's been born into this royal family and she didn't choose that live, she feels trapped."She's trapped because she refuses to marry Roderick played by Stanley Tucci. He ain't too keen on her either -- he's hot for power instead.STANLEY TUCCI: "With power comes more hot girls.. hot young girls, but also some people just don't have their priorties straight."Well since Roderick doesn't care Ewan Mcgregor's character Elmont the knight charges in to save the day kinda. EWAN McGREGOR: "He's a bit like Hong Kong phooey Elmont because he always screws up and he's got that little helper that actually sorts everything out."The helper? Jack who also tags along because he feels responsible plus he's trying to gain street cred.NICHOLAS HOULT: "He's been told that he was worthless and useless since he was a kid so be able to kind of prove that wrong."Sorry -- we can't tell you if the princess gets saved or eaten by the giants --  you've gotta watch the movie to find out..

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