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A Good Day to Die Hard

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Move over Bruce Willis. ohn McClane Jr. is whoppin' some serious tush and taken names, in the new movie "A Good Day to Die Hard." Sure yeah, this is Bruce's film but his co-star, Jai Courtney is the talk of the town. At least, in Russia.

Like father, like son. "A Good Day to Die Hard" is film five in the franchise. Man, 25 years of dying hard has never looked so good. 

Shireen: "What do think it is that gives it such longevity, a lot of movies try and do this, and don't succeed?"

JAI COURTNEY: "it's an interesting question. It's been a wonderful tradition of colorful villians, a balance of wise cracking humor."

Shireen: "Love the banter."

JAI COURTNEY: "With epic action, and it's stayed true to that."

That's actor Jai Courtney. He plays John Mcclane Jr. He's the hottest thing to hit tinsel town, since I fried an egg on the side walk the first year of American Idol.

In this film, Bruce Willis gets roughed up when he goes to Russia to rescue his son. Bruce and Jai go good together, great chemistry.

JAI COURTNEY: "Bruce was great, you know.. in helping me out, and helping us jam the dialogue."

And Jai he's every bit the action star Bruce is just a few years younger.

Shireen: "Is this like passing a baton?"

JAI COURTNEY: "Who knows, I mean you know, it's a flattering prospect. I can't imagine a die hard film without bruce, as far as me carrying on the franchise, I don't know, we'll have to wait and see."

The flick serves up saucy sarcasm and the action?

Shireen: "It was crazy.."

I haven't seen stuff like this in years (and i'm not talking about my love life.)

JAI COURTNEY: "I think the car chase is my favorite sequence, I mean it's just wild, it goes for like 10 or 15 minutes. I think there was a kill count of about 110 vehicles. It's absolute carnage."

Grab a date cuz this movie starts flipping, crashing, shooting and pistol whipping on Valentine's Day.

Shireen: "Is this a romantic movie? Or is this to make your man happy?"

JAI COURTNEY: "I think, i think this years it's for the boys, yeah."

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