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"Go Away Gray" is a supplement that promises to prevent and reverse gray hair. "Go Away Gray" is a supplement that promises to prevent and reverse gray hair.
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Strand by strand, it sneaks up on you.

Kevin Rado: "It really started hitting late 20s, early 30s."

Kevin Rado couldn't believe it when he started finding gray hairs.

Kevin Rado: "It drove me bonkers. There's only so many hairs you can pluck out when they just start taking over."

He found out pretty quickly the old wives tale might be true.

Kevin Rado: "You pluck one and two come back, witnessed it happen."

Kevin tried everything, from hair dyes to black gel.

Kevin Rado: "It sticks to your pillow, so in the morning it just comes apart anyway."

Facing a lifetime of smelly, messy treatments, he searched for a better way ... and found a product called "Go Away Gray," a supplement that promises to prevent and reverse gray hair.

Cathy Beggan: "I would describe it as a cure, a natural cure for gray hair."

Cathy Beggan created Go Away Gray. She got the idea after reading about a scientific breakthrough.

Cathy Beggan: "Back in 2009, I came across a study where scientists discovered the cause for hair turning gray."

We all have an enzyme which our body naturally produces called catalase. But as we age, we lose catalase and increase our production of hydrogen peroxide.

Cathy Beggan: "Once you stop producing enough catalase, the peroxide takes over and it bleaches your hair from the inside out, causing it to turn gray. So I thought to myself, if we could put catalase in a natural pill form, I wonder if that would work."

Go Away Gray is a pill taken twice a day, with the promise of your hair growing back in its natural color.

Dr. Lesley Clark-Loeser, Dermatologist, Memorial Regional Hospital: "Our interest in treating gray hair, getting rid of gray hair, dates back many centuries."

Local doctor Lesley Clark-Loeser examined the supplement for us.

Dr. Lesley Clark-Loeser: "In theory, if you can increase the level of catalase where it needs to be increased, that you can potentially reverse the graying process."

She says it's a combination of vitamins and minerals like B-6 and biotin, along with the enzyme catalase, and looks to be as safe as taking a multi-vitamin.

Dr. Lesley Clark-Loeser: "But you would always want to consult your primary care physician if you're someone who takes lots of other medications for other purposes."

But will taking a pill work?

Dr. Lesley Clark-Loeser: "There's no data to support that taking it by mouth is actually going to get the catalase to where it needs to work locally."

The makers of Go Away Gray say the pill will work if given time.

Cathy Beggan: "Most people start to see a change within six to eight weeks."

Elizabeth Canler fought her gray for years and says it's a lot of time and money.

Elizabeth Canler: "When you're coloring your hair, it can be a lot of maintenance."

She tried Go Away Gray, and says after three months she's dyeing it a lot less.

Elizabeth Canler: "My hair feels soft, silky; it's smooth."

Kevin also took the pill and says he saw a big change after only two months.

Kevin Rado: "That's when I started to notice that the process is actually working."

He says he even feels younger.

Kevin Rado: "The gray's gone, the energy, everybody wins."

He says there's no gray area for him: The pill really works if you're patient.

So what happens if you stop taking the supplement? The manufacturer recommends taking it until you get the desired results, and then stop. The manufacturer advised starting again if you see the grays coming back. The pills run about $30 for a one-month supply.


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