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Jamaica Sandal Company

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In South Florida, wearing sandals is a way of life. That's why it's important to have cute, creative, comfortable ones. Deco's Shireen Sandoval is here with tonight's fancy footwork from Jamaica Sandal Co.

Ladies and Louis: If you're the kind of fashionista that takes her feet seriously, you probably already know how challenging it is to find a sandal that goes with everything. I mean, you can't really wear your flip flops with a cocktail dress? I mean you could but don't - it doesn't look good. Tonight, from the land of wood and water: Deco's trying on some sweet treats for your feet.

If you want your feet to look good and feel fabulous...

Danielle Cunningham: "They're dressy. They're casual. They're soft and comfortable and affordable."

The Jamaica Sandal Company is a definite shoe-in. Started by Danielle & Summer, the company creates sexy, sassy, sophisticated sandals.

SUMMER TIESHUE: "We are both from Jamaica so, we are very flip flop savvy girls."

The fancy footwear is all handmade in Jamaica by local artisans.

SUMMER TIESHUE: "We work with Jamaica artisans who always give us ideas, when we bring ideas to them."

Some of the sandals leave your feet looking natural, almost naked. Who knew bare could be so beautiful.

Shireen: "Where can you wear this?"

SUMMER TIESHUE: "You can wear them to the beach. You can wear them with your cut-off's. They're sexy and some of them strap up. You can wear them with a cocktail dress. You can wear them with absolutely anything."

The leathers they use are luscious and made to last.

Danielle Cunningham: "And we can get them to your exact size, anything you want, we do wide, small, we do everything."

The colors are creative and the styles are cool. My favorite is the love story sandal: The heart goes between your toes and the straps lace up your legs.

Danielle Cunningham: "They'll buy one shoe and four straps and its four different shoes. You buy blue, red, white, so it makes it versatile, that can change up a shoe and an outfit in a minute."

The prices are perfect, too they start at just $39.

Danielle Cunningham: "For those ladies that don't like the strap, they don't like it, it drops off, it's too much work, we have a buckle, you just pull that shoe on and pull it off. "

Fashioning up your feet has never been so Irie.


Snag your own pair at: Jamaicasandalco.com  or give them a call at: 305-439-8719

Follow them on Instagram & Twitter: @jasandalco

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