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Sports Illustrated Party

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The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is out and its hotter than ever. The girls celebrate the magazine launch in Vegas every year, but for their 50 anniversary Vegas just wasn't enough. So they came to the Magic City, and the rest is red carpet history.

Sports Illustrated hottest swimsuit models descended upon the 305. And Deco had to be there.

Valerie - "Hello Deco Drive."

Every year the SI party is held in Vegas, but not this time.

Natasha - "Miami is known for the parties and at Sports Illustrated we love to party."

Hannah Davis - "I absolutely love Miami."

LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach welcomed the models for a very special celebration the issue's 50th anniversary.

Chanel - "It's the perfect city to have a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated. Miami is the place."

Genevieve - "As swimsuit models we love to be in swimsuits so the great thing about Miami is the weather and also because it epitomizes that kind of swimsuit and beach and sexy vibe."

Yeah the girls were loving the weather.

Natasha - "The weather is a little bit better than it is in New York right now."

Sara - "Im pretty excited to be here to be honest, it was snowing this morning in New York."

They loved our sun so much they wouldn't stop talking about it.

Marloes - "Yes, nice weather, good weather for short dresses."

Lauren - "It is warm and amazing."

Emily - "Miami is such a sexy place, and the people here are so sexy and its warm weather and swimsuits, its the perfect place to celebrate the issue."

Our people are definitely sexy, and Kate Upton is a prime example. Check her out.

Kate - "I actually started my modeling career in Miami so its actually really special for me to be back here. I grew up in Melborne and I love Florida so I think its the perfect place for Sports Illustrated to launch the magazine."

The three beauties from the cover also joined in the fun.

Chrissy - "Coming form someone that's been doing it in Vegas for so long, the change of being in Miami its so wonderful, its gorgeous out here, it feels very right."

Nina - "And everybody is wearing swimsuits here all year round, I feel like its the perfect spot."

Sounds like these girls ready to get their party on.

Nina - "Drinks?"

Natasha - "I'm excited to party a little bit, I haven't been in a club in a while."

Hannah - "We've been running all day so Im excited to just have a drink, relax and celebrate with all the girls."

Samantha - "I like to dance, I like to party, I like to have fun and this is what its all about."

Emily - "Dancing, performance, just all the girls being together, and all of us being in the club and being in Miami."

And who better to put on a show for the sexy ladies than our man Flo-Rida.

Chanel - "There's loads of beautiful women around, I think that's covered, there's good music, I heard Flo Rida is performing and we just ate some really good food so i think tonight's perfect."

Valeria - "Seeing Flo Rida and have a little dance."

Samantha - "Flo Rida."

Lauren - "Very excited to see Flo Rida."

I'm sure he's excited to see you too.

Flo Rida: - "I'm looking forward to seeing the models and entertaining them as well."

Once inside these girls got their dance on

Chrissy - "I'm the worst dancer on the planet, I'm a big arm person."

Or at least tried.

Natasha - "Nobody parties like sports illustrated, that's for sure, so its gonna be a big late spectacular party."

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