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Mother punishes son publicly after joyride

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Alejandro holds the sign that calls him "a follower." Alejandro holds the sign that calls him "a follower."
Alejandro holding the sign as punishment for his joyride in his mother's car. Alejandro holding the sign as punishment for his joyride in his mother's car.

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. (WSVN) -- A South Florida mother came up with a unique punishment after she caught her teenage son taking his stepfather's car out for a joyride without her permission.

The mother, who declined to be interviewed, said her son and her nephew took the car without permission, and rather than putting them in time-out, she concocted a punishment for all of Miami to see. As punishment, she made her son hold a poster near their home, Thursday evening, that read, "Because I am a follower. I allow my cousin to influence me to take my stepdad's car without his permission to joyride. My name is Alejandro and I am 15 years old."

"I agree with her 100 percent," said passerby Samuel George. "I would do the same thing. I commend that."

Alejandro and his 16-year-old cousin went on the joyride Wednesday with the mother's Mercedes-Benz while she was at work.

When the son's father returned home from work, he noticed the car's fan belt still running and footprints in the driver and passenger side. When the mother confronted her son, he admitted to the joyride.

No one was hurt during the drive, but the car is said to have water damage due to street flooding.

The nephew, who has a driver's permit, was driving the vehicle, but the mother is upset that her son chose to follow her nephew and make what she said is the wrong decision.

Those who saw the teen's sign had a message for him. "I'm young too, but I see what she's doing," said one onlooker. "Fifteen years old, taking car now. Gotta discipline him."

"You can't be doing that now," said another onlooker. "You gotta act right now. Cars kill people. You get killed out here every day driving a car."

"It takes a split second to kill somebody in a car, a split second, and you know who they coming after? Not the fool you lend the car to; they coming after your parents," said another person.

Along with the spectators, North Miami Police stopped by the family's home with a warning of their own, saying if the teen's unruly behavior continues, he will be carrying handcuffs instead of a sign.

The mother did receive criticism from coworkers regarding her choice of punishment but has also received a lot of support from others.

The mother also said she will get an estimate on the damage sustained on the car and force her son to pay for the damages by doing chores.

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